Sandwich Program


The first step in restoring dignity and purpose in life is having a place to call home. The Guest House of Milwaukee provides shelter to 86 men each night and over 400 individuals each year. The shelter serves men experiencing homelessness, including people living with mental illness and struggling with addiction.

What does WisMA do?

WisMA's goal is to prepare and deliver about 100-120 sandwiches, which should last them for 1-3 days. It will take 5-6 people approximately 1 hour to prepare and pack sandwiches. WisMA has been doing this since 2015 and plan to continue this with a target of 1 program every month (usually on a Saturday).

How does it work?

We are inviting volunteers/sponsors to host and fund ($150.00 approximately for supplies for one program) the program other than volunteers for sandwich preparation. In the event we don't find a sponsor for a particular month, WisMA will ensure continuity of the program. Anyone can host this program at your residence and invite your friends to help with preparing and packing the sandwiches. This is our chance to give back to the community that we are a part of and that we and our children get so much from. Its also a chance for the kids to get-together and have fun while at the same time working for a noble cause. You can also do this as part of your birthday or anniversary celebration and make the day a memorable one.

How can I support?

You can either 1) donate for the cause, 2) serve as a host to prepare sandwiches, or volunteer to make the sandwiches at the host's place. One or more of the WisMA members will always be there to assist you with purchasing the items, preparing or packing the sandwiches.

Sign up form

Please use the below form to sign up as volunteer for WisMA Sandwich Program. WisMA will contact you to work out the details.