Murivukal”,  a personal reminiscence by Sri Soorya Krishnamoorthy, is a collection of short stories based on Mr. Moorthy’s life experiences.  The integrity in the approach of an artist to his art, the utmost reverence shown to one’s elders and teachers, and commitment and passion to arts without care for remuneration or wealth creation are noteworthy themes that flow through the book. Throughout the book, the reader would find instances and anecdotes that are unique to our culture.

Who else would better understand the ethos of these stories than our friends and brethren with Kerala roots!!  After reading the Malayalam autobiography, some of our community members suggested translating these poignant stories accessible to the next generation, our youth, our children.  The translation of this book in English is a humble effort in this direction.

The folks involved in this effort are not professional authors or translators.  They were touched by the stories in the book and undertook the work with a lot of enthusiasm.

WISMA is proud to support our community’s earnest effort by offering the English version to help our children connect with their mooring!

You can download the book for free. If you find value in it and feel that it would help somebody else better connect with our roots and our culture, please feel free to share the link. (click link below to download or share)